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  • 18.12.2018
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Kiramar | 25.12.2018
No one should feel like they have to participate in a sex act they don't enjoy, no matter how much the other person involved might want it.
Kajirn | 25.12.2018
mmm I bet you'd love to taste it
Mizilkree | 28.12.2018
Would love to get ready Eva with my thumbs and tongue before dudes come then idolize her feet watching her and waiting to clean up her at the end.
Nikohn | 19.12.2018
Let's me at these communist
Fenritilar | 22.12.2018
I did read the article. Then I went a looked into the only material he sorced, the ATUS report. His conclusions are pure conjecture. The ATUS has no questions about happiness or pleasure. I looked at all 54 pages of the questionnaire. So the part of the article that says it does is lying. The article alludes to other studies but doesn't name any of them, so there is no way to fact check those. I guess if I bought the book they would be listed, but no thanks. I can see from the article and his reviews on Amazon I wouldn't care for him.

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